Facebook: ROMOX

ROMOX on Facebook

ROMOX ESD & Video Games

ROMOX on Facebook is an exploration into the early days of the video game industry about a company founded by electronic industry leaders from Silicon Valley. The company was created to invent processes to facilitate the sales of video games on demand. Something we take for granted now had to be invented.

ROMOX invented electronic software downloading on demand. It invented online advertising, and it invented the Shopping Cart. It used these on its own proprietary network (like an Internet but more limited and private). You could buy any software offered via their shopping cart, pay by credit card or cash, download the software onto their proprietary reusable/reprogrammable cartridges. When you mastered the game or got tired of it, bring the cartridge back and download another.

ROMOX was also a leading publisher of video games under the leadership of Cofounder Tim McGuinness, a former Research Engineer at Atari Inc.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ROMOX.ESD.and.Video.Games/


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